Folii auto
Folii auto omologate R.A.R.

Foliile noastre sunt de cea mai buna calitate ce este oferita de piata actuala

Folii antiefractie

Vezi o demonstratie cu folie anti efractie montata pe o masina

Folii pentru cladiri

Utilizând foliile pentru protectie solara LLUMAR, dezavantajele suprafetelor mari de sticla dispar instantaneu.

Folii decorative

Folii decorative de diferite culori si modele



Despre noi
FOL KOOL LTD este autorizat de CP FILMS pentru montarea foliilor pe geamuri plane si auto. Suntem o echipa tanara pe cale sa rezolve problemele Dvs. in cel mai scurt timp. Cursurile efectuate in strainatate si experienta acumulata este garantia pe calitatea lucrarilor prestate la standarde americane.

Avantajele folosirii foliilor LLUMAR
Compozitia tehnica
Procesul de productie
Standarde tehnice atinse
Instalarea foliilor LLUMAR pentru geamuri
Spectrul solar
Standarde tehnice atinse
BS 6206 Impact Performance Requirements for flat safety glass
UNI 7172 Impact Performance Requirements (Italy)
DIN 52290, Part 4, Stress type A1 Anti-bandit Testing
BS 476 Parts 5,6 and 7 Fire Tests on Building Materials
BS 6853: 1987 Clause BS.2 Fire Precautions in the Design and Construction of Railway Passenger Rolling Stock – Three Metre Cube Smoke Emission Test
ANSI Z 97.1 Adhesion Strength
BS 5350, Part C11 Adhesion Strength
ASTM D 882-91 Tensile Strength
ANSI Z 97.1 Ageing (weathering) performance
NES 713 (Issue 3) Determination of Toxicity Index
BS 2782 Method 630A Caliper of base films
ASTM D 1044

Abrasion Resistance (Measured according to ASTM D 1003-92 and ASTM E 308-95)
ASTM D 3330-96 Peel Adhesion Test Method
ASTM E 330 Wind Resistance

Standards and Tests

Llumar window films have been developed and tested in our own laboratories to perform as claimed.
Our testing facilities include those listed in the table below.
Test facilities
Taber abrasion
UNIVON weathering test
Tensile tests
Solar spectrum UV-VIS-IR
Z97.1 Impact test
BS 5544 equivalent test
BS 6206 impact test

Continuous quality control and testing take place at each of our production facilities. Testing is conducted on film as manufactured, and on film-on-glass.
Certain Llumar products have also been tested to satisfy the requirements of several major independent testing bodies including Warrington Fire Research Centre, British Standards Institution, Plastic Industry Research Association and Building Investigation and Testing Services.
Fire Tests
Llumar film when installed, satisfies the requirements of BS 476 Parts 5,6 and 7 for Fire Tests on Building Materials in its performance with respect to ignitability, surface spread of flames, and fire propagation.

Tests have shown that Llumar films satisfy the conditions for a Class O surface according to the 1991 Building Regulations paragraph A12(b) of Approved Document B “Fire”. Additionally, testing of Llumar window film to NES 713 for toxicity has given an approximate toxicity index of 1.82, which satisfies the usual MOD requirement for an index of 2.5 or less.

Once Llumar film is applied to glass it remains resistant to flames throughout its warranted life. It will not cause, support, or enhance the development of accidental fires.
Llumar window films have been tested in service over many years and have been subjected to accelerated ageing tests. Llumar film on glass does not suffer degradation from UV light during its warranted lifetime.

All Llumar window films are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty against peeling, cracking, demetallisation and delamination. The warranty is typically for five years, but Llumar sputtered films are warranted for up to ten years; the warranty is further enhanced via the Accredited Installer Network in the UK. Experience indicates a lifetime of service of considerably more than this.