Folii auto
Folii auto omologate R.A.R.

Foliile noastre sunt de cea mai buna calitate ce este oferita de piata actuala

Folii antiefractie

Vezi o demonstratie cu folie anti efractie montata pe o masina

Folii pentru cladiri

Utilizând foliile pentru protectie solara LLUMAR, dezavantajele suprafetelor mari de sticla dispar instantaneu.

Folii decorative

Folii decorative de diferite culori si modele



Despre noi
FOL KOOL LTD este autorizat de CP FILMS pentru montarea foliilor pe geamuri plane si auto. Suntem o echipa tanara pe cale sa rezolve problemele Dvs. in cel mai scurt timp. Cursurile efectuate in strainatate si experienta acumulata este garantia pe calitatea lucrarilor prestate la standarde americane.

Avantajele folosirii foliilor LLUMAR
Compozitia tehnica
Procesul de productie
Standarde tehnice atinse
Instalarea foliilor LLUMAR pentru geamuri
Spectrul solar
Instalarea foliilor LLumar pentru geamuri
Specification and Supervision

As the world’s largest manufacturer of window films, we provide a comprehensive specification service to ensure full compatibility with your required end use.

If you wish to prepare a performance specification, or wish to include Llumar window film in a standard contract document, we can provide standard specification clauses to help you.
Work planning
Installation work programmes will be planned in accordance with your requirements in order to minimise disruption to building use.
Resources required on site
The installation team will require no resources on site other than water and limited waste disposal. It is essential that working conditions are provided that allow for high quality installation. Windows and doors must be kept closed wherever possible. Dust or particulate-producing trades must not work alongride or nearby window film installers.
Preparation and installation
For internally-applied window films, the client will be responsible for the provision of access to the windows and temporary removal or covering of furniture, blinds etc. The client must ensure that all glass to be treated is reasonably clean and free from stickers. The installer will be responsible for final cleaning of glass prior to installation of the window film.

For externally-applied window films, the installer will provide all access requirements, eg scaffolding, cradles etc.

The installer will take all reasonable precautions to avoid damage to adjacent wall and floor coverings, and will leave the working area as clean and tidy as he found it.
Cure time
For Llumar safety films, 20-30 days will be required after installation for the adhesive to reach its full strength. This is normal for films of this generic type. Improved product safety performance will normally be achieved within a few hours of installation.
LLumar window films generally require no maintenance, other than routine window cleaning through their normal lives with soapy water.
Caring for your Llumar window films
Llumar window film should give years of satisfactory service. Occasional cleaning may be necessary; the following is a suggested procedure:

  1. Wait until 30 days after installation before cleaning for the first time.

  2. Use the following equipment:

    Soft non-abrasive sponge

    Clean soapy water in bucket

    Window squeegee

    Non-abrasive lint-free paper towelling